Mintsifra denies data leakage from Gosuslug

Mintsifra denies data leakage from Gosuslug 

The Ministry of Digital Development, Telecommunications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation( Mintsifry of Russia) reflected on the reports in the media about a large data leak from Gosuslug. 

Before, a scrap of an alleged database of druggies of “ Gosuslug ” containing 5,000 records appeared on the network. According to the press service, the department checked this train and set up out that it doesn’t contain the set of parameters that are inescapably present in standard Gosuslug accounts. The Ministry of Digital Development emphasizes that the credentials of portal druggies( logins and watchwords) haven’t been compromised, the information is securely defended. 


According to the security service, this database belongs to one of the external online systems that use simplified stoner identification through the State Services. This system doesn’t have direct access to the full set of stoner data. 

In addition, Mintsifra reminds that any reports of leaks can provoke a swell in fraud. particular information( logins, watchwords, Leg canons, and so on) should noway be given to nonnatives, and addresses from which apparently “ sanctioned ” letters come should be precisely checked. 

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