How to Update Aadhar: If you want to update the address on Aadhar card then here is the easy way

How to Update Aadhar If you want to modernize the address on Aadhar card also then’s the easy way 

Update Aadhar Aadhar card Identity card is one of the most important documents for Indians. This is a universal number with the help of which you can take advantage of numerous instrument services. Whatever data is in the Aadhar card, it should be correct, if any data is wrong also you have to change the address, while if a child turns 15 times old, also his Aadhar card also needs to be streamlined.. 


So, if you want to make any change in the address mentioned in your Aadhar card also you can fluently do it by visiting the sanctioned website of UIDAI. To change or modernize the address in your Aadhaar, you need to login to the sanctioned website of UIDAI and click on ‘ Update Your Aadhaar ’ under ‘ MY Aadhaar ’ menu. 


how to update aadhar card

1- First of all open the sanctioned website of UIDAI- https// After this, click on the ‘ MY Aadhaar ’ option appearing on the homepage of the website. Now, go to the ‘ Update Your Aadhaar ’ section and click on ‘ Update Address in Your Aadhaar ’. During this you’ll get a runner. Enter your Aadhar card number then, and corroborate it by entering the captcha. 


2- After this an OTP will be transferred to your registered mobile number after which enter the OTP to log in to the UIDAI system. After the login process, you’ll see the Aadhar Card Address Change Dashboard on the UIDAI website. 

3- During this you have to click on ‘ update aadhar online ’ option. Now elect ‘ Address ’ from the option shown ‘ To modernize Aadhaar data train ’. After that click on Proceed to modernize your Aadhaar. 


If you can also exercise your changes. Check that all the descriptions you’re entering are correct in English as well as in your original language. After checking submit the request. 

4- After submitting the request you’ll be diverted to the payment gate. To modernize the address, you’ll have to pay Rs 50. You can make payment through UPI, Net Banking. 


Once the payment is successful, you’ll get an streamlined request number( Charnel). You can use the Charnel number to track the status of the address update online. 

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