Serial production of Arctic buses scheduled for 2024

Serial product of Arctic motorcars listed for 2024 

The Ural Automobile Plant plans to start serial product of Arctic motorcars and road trains in 2024. This was blazoned by the principal developer of the Arctic Bus design Arkady Maltsev. The Arctic machine is primarily designed to transport people in hard- to- reach areas, where other vehicles can not pass. The serial launch should take place in 2024, Maltsev said. According to the experience in the perpetration of serial vehicles, the number of similar vehicles produced per time can reach roughly 300 units. 

A distinctive point of the Arctic motorcars is independent life support they can keep passengers alive for 24 hours until they get help. Work is presently underway to ameliorate the design. So, in the coming interpretation, the thermal performance of the machine is planned to be increased due to a one- volume van body( now the hack and the passenger cube are separate). According to the developer, the auto also takes into account the environmental features of the region of operation. It’s equipped with wide- profile low- pressure tires, which provides high flotation on soft soils and snow. In addition, it’s important not to damage the foliage subcaste, since in the north the trace of wheeled vehicles is restored for about 30 times. This fashion doesn’t damage the soil, Maltsev explained. According to him, the machine runs on diesel energy, but can be equipped with a gas machine. 


The Arctic machine and road train are designed to transport people and goods in areas with a inadequately developed road network at low temperatures. The gross weight of such a machine is 17 tons, the wheel arrangement is 6 × 6, and the capacity is 20 passengers. The Arctic road train includes medical, educational, ménage modules and a public catering module. The total mass of the road train is 28 tons, the carrying capacity is11.5 tons, the wheel arrangement is 6 × 6( tractor),2/4(semi-trailer). The prototype machine has formerly passed the first tests last downtime, the coming tests are listed for the end of this time, and work on the Arctic machine is listed to be completed coming time. 

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