To download the old Banaskantha district paper 80 marks to prepare for the annual examination

 To download the old Banaskantha district paper 80 marks to ready for the annual examination

 When it comes to the primary academy regular examination program, different medications are made by the preceptors for the children. They also educate else about what’s going on and when the tutoring work is being done, the preceptors who are doing the schoolteacher’s work at the time are trying their best to ready the children for the subject. 

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They are making different sweats to find the model papers of the quarter or to produce the children and when the subject is demanded, they’re looking for the model papers and tutoring them to the children. They work in a methodical way. They’re preceptors of social lores. They aren’t preceptors of Hindi. They aren’t preceptors of Gujarati subjects. They aren’t preceptors of mathematics. 

 Attempts have been made to collect different model papers in Banaskantha quarter by taking different papers and making it a PDF and trying to get maximum benefit to the scholars. This is useful information for the benefit of all children. Increased readiness of children’s subject. Increase children’s writing practice.


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