You know that the bigest problem in maths is when the teachers is not present to guide the children at home.

Truth, knowledge, religion, kindness, peace and forgiveness are the six virtues of an individual’s true benefactors and brothers. Who needs the other relationship that creates them virtuous in their lives?
If there’s truth in life, then Vatsalya and protector like mother will get us everywhere. If there’s knowledge in life, then he will give us the power to face the most important challenge by giving us self-confidence and appropriate advice everywhere like father. If there’s religion in life, then he will stand sort of a brother in every crisis and can never allow us to fall. If there’s pity in life, then she is going to become our helper everywhere sort of a true friend and can protect us from cruel and vile actions.
If peace in life is in your nature, then you’ll get universal service and respect sort of a wife and who respects everything about you, and if forgiveness is in your life, then people that are obedient and obedient to you, also will offer you everywhere. Will meet

 You know that the bigest problem in maths is when the teacher is not present to guide the children at home..



Respectfully yours, my co-family at your feet. The time of the Mars Aarti of the temples passed, and therefore the auspicious element within the inner-outer nature became monotonous. Today is that the full-of-the-moon of the good month, and therefore the sixteen arts of the moon have blossomed. the sunshine of the celestial moon increases the space . Since it’s a Saturday, the melody of Sundarkandi lessons also can be heard somewhere. If one wants to form life beautiful, one are often beautiful albeit one among these elements of truthfulness is caught. Good habits or the practice of truth just like the moon of Purnima which reinforces sixteen arts within the lifetime of that person. We talked that intimately yesterday. Practicing truth or good habits increase strength also as adventure in life. If at any age the reality has not been practiced, the spirit of adventure is clear in them, we’ll reflect on the word adventure today.
In the simplest sense of the word, adventure is an activity or action that ordinary people don’t do. The word adventure reminds us of childhood, during which we stumble, climb to the highest of a tree, jump into the sand dunes from the second floor, swim within the rushing river, or dive into the ocean, from a height into the water. Jumping, and running, climbing a hill, taking a tough path despite the steps, descending in such how . Walking far and wide alone to enjoy nature in an unknown place, or cycling for an extended distance, of these are the adventures aged . As everyone must have done. But does the practice of truth exacerbate this type of adventure? Such an issue arises, because not everyone can do such adventures whenever the body condition increases.

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