World’s 5 countries, which can be defeated by the United States in the future, super power

World’s 5 countries, which can be defeated by the United States in the future, super power

At present, America is considered to be the most powerful nation in the world, because America has the most powerful army and America’s army is quite hitek. The US Navy and Air Force are also very strong and you will be surprised to know that America has the largest defense budget in the world. Every year, the US spends 600 billion dollars on its defense budget.

But the time does not remain the same and in the coming time, leaving America behind and there are some nations that have the potential to become super power in the world, today we are going to tell you about such five nations. It is being heard that, in the coming time, it can emerge as a superpower in this world, so read this article to the end.


Germany is the most developed nation of Europe and at the time of Napoleon, it has remained the world’s most powerful country. Its technology has the power to make this nation the most powerful. It is considered to be Europe’s most developed and powerful nation, and in this nation it has the ability to become the super power of the world in the future.


Friends, it is said that Japan is 10 years ahead of the world. People here are very hard working and are quite honest too. They are always ready to do anything for their nation. The technology here is always different from the world and it is ahead. There are many earthquakes in this nation, but this country never feels defeated. The GDP of this nation is always in the top 10 states of the world and in the coming times it is likely that Japan will become the world’s super power.


Since Russia’s President Putin has been on, Russia’s power has continued to grow ever since, although Russia’s economy is not so much ACHI at this time, but Russia’s biggest power is its military capability and nuclear weapons. At present, he has the highest nuclear weapons in the world, and due to this, Russia can become the world’s largest super power in the coming days.


China has the largest army of the world. According to a report, China currently has more than 2.3 million active soldiers and China also spends a lot of money in its defense budget. At this time, China’s economy is growing at a speed of 6.3%, and in the coming times it is likely that China will be able to overcome the US and become the world’s super power.


At present, the largest nation, the fastest growing nation in the world, is a nation, then it is India. India is currently more than 7% the pace of development of India, and in the coming time this growth rate is full potential to grow even more. It has also been attempted in the report, that in the coming times, India will be the most powerful nation in the world. In India 65% of people are under 35 years of age. This is continuously increasing on the strength of Indian power and India’s military capability. There is a whole possibility by the year 2050 that bypassing India, America will become the super power of the world.

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