Work News / Schools in Gujarat will be regularized from this date of Std. 9to 12th

While the number of corona cases is declining day by day in Gujarat and no new corona cases are being registered in many districts of the state, the government is now preparing to regularize primary schools after Std. 10-12 and Std. 9-11. The Department of Primary Education has issued a circular to run all the primary schools in the state from 9 am for full time. In addition, the attendance of primary teachers and headteachers in primary schools should be 100 percent.


The government has earlier made it clear that when mass promotions will not be given in Std. 1 to 8 and 8-11, Std. 6 to 8 may be started in late February or March. So that the children can study a little before the annual examination. Prior to the closure of schools in Corona, principals in the state were allowed to call as many teachers as needed and school hours were limited to the morning. But from now on all the primary schools will run in one to two shifts in the same way as they are running for full time and it will be mandatory to call all the teachers.

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It is important to note that as schools in the state have been closed since March 15, 2020, due to Corona, as Corona’s condition improves in Gujarat, the government is planning to unlock education in phases.

Then in the second phase, from February 1, Std. 9 and 11 schools have also started regularly. Besides, first-year colleges have also been started and the number of students in hostels has also been increased. Thus, now that education has become new normal, in the next phase, the government is ready to start regular classes with physical education in Std. 6 to 8 schools

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