Why influencers are going to be the next generation of stars

Why influencers are going to be the coming generation of stars 

It’s a extensively accepted fact now that influencers have come the stars these days. They’ve actually told numerous who now want to be like them. It’s fascinating to understand the fact that their addict following is going beyond the addict following of movie stars now. 

After the emergence of social media, the dynamics have changed. We’ve seen a tremendous shift in the power. There are numerous reasons why influencers have come stars now. 



The most important factor behind the rise of influencers is people can relate to them. utmost of the social media stars who are abig thing now, come from middle or lower middle class social groups. thus, the content they make and their personality feels relatable to an average person who likes to watch them. Also, they’re a shaft of stopgap for numerous who look up to them and suppose they can come the same. Not everyone can be a movie star or a cricketer because they might warrant chops or coffers but people can try and come an influencer. This factor has made people closer to the influencers who start their trip as a small social media celebrities but go on to work in the film assiduity. 

Constant connection 

One of the major reasons why influencers have come the stars is they’re constantly connected to the people. Unlike movie stars or other celebrities, who only connect with people through their content, influencers are regularly connected with people. They do what they feel is right and post content daily without allowing important about anything differently. They just do what people like and try to be as connected as they can with people. This has made them loved by people as they feel like connecting to the family. 


Fall of Bollywood 

Indian Hindi film assiduity has given some of the biggest celebrities to the world. In fact, the Hindi movie stars have a God like image in the country and at other places. For numerous decades, it’s seen that there’s a star deification culture in the country but recently, the scene has startedfading. However, there are still addict clubs and the addict culture is relatively active there as compared to the Hindi film assiduity, If we talk about South Indian assiduity. Once Shah Rukh Khan said in an interview that he thinks the new generation of star won’t be from film diligence. We can relate to this now when influencers who are making vids at home are getting the new fave of people. 

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