Which car has the advantage of taking? Tiago, santro or swift

Which car has the advantage of taking? Tiago, santro or swift

There has been a lot of buzz in the world of hatchback segment cars in India. Films are at the forefront of this segment, Maruti Suzuki Swift, who has no one of three great products to entice car customers. Alto, Wagon R, and Swift are top of the hatchback segment’s best-selling cars. Tata’s Tiago alone is challenging Maruti-Suzuki’s power alone. Tata, Tiago seem to be very aggressive, has launched three variants of Tata Tiago, who are taking a direct hit from Maruti Suzuki’s Alto, Wagon R and Swift. But now with this game Santro’s entry Hyundai has also joined. Tata Tiago has power, Maruti Suzuki has car customers trust, Hyundai’s Santro has a long list of styles and features.

What is special about Maruti Suzuki Swift

Although there are three products of Maruti Suzuki in the hatchback segment, in this comparison, only Maruti Suzuki’s latest car car Swift will be talked about. Swift is a game changing car for Maruti Suzuki. The new Swift was launched in the beginning of this year and car customers hand it over. The new swift is light and fast compared to the previous one. It was made on the new platform because of its low weight, whose direct effect is seen in the car’s performance. The price of Swift Base model has been kept at Rs 4.99 lakh. Swift’s 1200 cc petrol engine removes power of approximately 80 bhp. If Swift is needed with all the features, its top model can be taken, which costs up to 9 lakh rupees.

There is no one stronger than Tata Teague

Tata Tiago is responsible for the return of Tata to the passenger car segment. Tiago Hach is the most powerful car of the bike segment. Tata Tiago has gradually got the confidence of the right customers. Tata Tiago is available in both petrol and diesel variants. Tata Tega Petrol is very much liked by car customers. Tata Tega Petrol comes with a 1200 cc engine, which gives power of 85 bhp. Tata Tiago’s JTP variant comes with Turbo Charged engine, which gives the power of 112 bhp. There is also a third option Tata NRG in Tiago’s top model. Tata Tiga’s base model starts from Rs 3.50 lakh, which goes up to 7.5 lakh.

Santoro’s beauty is effective

Hyundai Santro production was closed in 2014 and since then it was becoming difficult to register its presence in the hatchback segment for Hyundai. Now, Hyundai Santro has brought back right before Diwali. Everything in Hyundai Santro is new except for the engine and Chassis. In the case of features, Santro can be the most modern car of this segment. Hyundai has tried to give the premium segment features and Looks Santro, which is also very successful. Santro diesel has been launched in Petrol and AMT variants. No changes have been made in the engine in Santro, it still has a 1000 cc engine which will give 68 bhp power. The price of Santro’s base model has been kept at around Rs 4 lakh, while its top model costs up to 5.5 lakh rupees.

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