What is the hero of the 2007 T20 World Cup today

What is the hero of the 2007 T20 World Cup today?

Joginder Sharma, who played an important role in winning the 2007 World Cup, is celebrating his 35th birthday (October 23, 1983). In 2007 India defeated Pakistan by 5 runs to make history of Dhoni’s captaincy. The hero of the match, Joginder Sharma’s career was immersed in an accident after the accident, he could not step on the cricket field. Joginder Sharma currently serves as a DSP in Haryana.

Even today, cricket lover Joginder has not forgotten over
The final end of the final match against Pakistan, which was held by Joginder Sharma, is still not forgotten by cricket fans. Joginder’s name comes in remembrance of the final over of the final of the Twenty World Cup 2007. However, it is a matter of regret that the 2007 T20 World Cup hero has become completely lost in international cricket today.
Final-over of the T-20 2007 World Cup Final
Pakistan needed 13 runs in the final over to win. Dhoni also wondered who to give this bowling to. This score was easy for Pakistan because it was on the captain Misbah ul Haq strike and he was in good form. There was an over left of Bhajji. Dhoni caught the ball in the hands of Joginder Sharma at the end. All were surprised. Joginder laid the first ball Misbah. The ball wade, now Pakistan needed 12 runs in 6 balls to win. Dhoni came to Joginder and told him to bowl without pressure. When Joginder bowled the ball, Misbah scored a six in the state. Pakistan cricket lovers were happy, although Dhoni was confident. Now Pakistan need 6 runs in 4 balls to win. Joginder took the ball off Misbah, when the ball hit the ball on Fine Leg, Sreesanth had already caught the catch and caught him caught. This historic moment was stagnant for a little while by India’s victory.
The impact of the cricket career due to an accident

Joginder Sharma had a horrific accident. He had severe injuries in his head and 47 stitches came. His return to cricket was unthinkable after the accident. Doctors said that the survivor would survive but it would take two years for the recovery to complete, but Joginder had been running in less than four and a half months. Joginder had plaster in the foot and he reached Ranji’s semi-final match at the Mohali stadium in 2012. In 2013-14, Joginder made a successful comeback in Ranji’s five-wicket haul in the first match.
Haryana’s DSP is Joginder

Joginder Sharma is a DSP in Rohtak district of Haryana. Before this, Joginder was the judge’s judge. When traffic gets jam on the road, it is called only, and its fans immediately take it for granted. The car is first photographed with Joginder, and Joginder does not disappoint anyone.

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