What is the difference between iPhone and Android, why is there such a difference in the price of both! Get the details here…

What’s the difference between iPhone and Android, why is there similar a difference in the price of both! Get the details then 


Once upon a time there used to be Android phones in the request. 

also came the period of the iPhone and Apple phones came a status symbol. 


Due to the amazing features and unique operating system, the iPhone gives a different sense. 


New Delhi. generally people say in discussion that iPhone is iPhone. Where can Android contend with it? Why is this? Many people would know the answer to this question. First of all, the iPhone is presently a status symbol and is also relatively precious compared to Android phones. So let’s understand what’s the difference between the two and why there’s such a difference in the price of both. 

The biggest difference is the operating method  The biggest difference between the iPhone and Android is the operating method of both. The iPhone is made only by the Apple company and its operating system is the iOS, while Android is a product of Google. Google does not just keep it to itself. He has vended his operating system to companies over the world. 


iPhone is better in numerous ways If only one company makes iPhone, also it also has its advantage. Its operating system doesn’t have bugs nor is it easy to hack. On the other hand, Android is with the everyone, so all the frauds keep coming out about it. iPhone doesn’t hang, on the other hand, it’s normal for Android phones to hang. 

This unique thing makes you stand out If the iPhone is damaged, also service is fluently available at any Apple store, but if there’s some disfigurement in the Android phone, also it’ll have to be taken to the separate company’s store itself. 

Why is there a difference in the price of iPhone and Android phones Despite the normal battery backup, the iPhone last a unique brand. Its features and look are nearly the same in every phone. Despite this, due to its operating system and better safety system, it’s far ahead of Android. This is the reason why the client runs after more precious iPhone than Android. 

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