US soldiers will be surprised to know salary of 1 month

The power and security of any country depends on the army of that country. Different countries of the world are constantly spending their army to modernize. So today I am going to tell about the salary of US soldiers in the country.

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The United States is counted among the world’s most powerful countries. America’s army is counted as the most modern army in the world. As far as the matter is concerned of soldiers, America in this case also looks forward to all the other countries of the world.

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Payments of American soldiers-

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In India, soldiers get monthly salary of around 40 to 50 thousand rupees. The United States is far ahead of India in terms of paying salaries to soldiers. US soldiers get initial salaries about one and a half lakh rupees and in the army some years of work, salaries increase. After 5 years of service in the army, the salary of an American soldier is about two lakh rupees.

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