Trump runs on a magnificent car, this person, the car costs more than two thousand crores

Trump runs on a magnificent car, this person, the car costs more than two thousand crores

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Helsinki America and Russia are considered to be the biggest strengths in the world. The security of the President of the two countries is such that it can not kill Parinda. The car of both of them remains a topic of discussion all over the world. In the car’s specialty, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is heavily involved with American president Donald Trump. For the first time, Arun Sana came to meet his foreign car at the Aras Senna to meet a foreign leader abroad. Putin’s car took 6 years to build, and it cost $ 300 million (Rs 2048 crore).

Putin demonstrated power

Limousine was launched at the beginning of this year. Earlier, Putin himself had sat only once. Putting in such a superpower car from Trump is also being linked to Putin’s power performance. Putin used this car during the first summit in Finland’s capital Helsinki.

Can not be a chemical attack

An Expert in Russia’s Automobile treats an armored vehicle. According to him, it is such a strange car that there can not be any damage to the army even in the Landmine blast. The car’s communication system has been connected to the satellite. The safety of the car is so strong that it is capable of preventing chemical attack. One of the major features of this car is that it can also run under water like a submarine.

The bang will have no effect

Putin’s special car engine is completely automatic. According to Bhaskar, there is also a generator in this car. Therefore, the car can run both electric and generator. The seven-meter loh6ng body of this car is made of a strict plate of 15 millimeters, which is fully capable of resisting any type of bang.

Scientists have also been helped

The work of Putin’s special car was started in 2012. The Senna has a digital dashboard and has an onboard multimedia system. Senate is made up of German firm Porsche and Bosch together. It has been linked to a number of specialties and the Central Scientific Research Automobile and Engine Institute of Moscow has also helped in creating it. In the Soviet era Russian leaders used to walk in ZILS cars built in their own country. Since 1994, Russian President Mercedes-Benz’s Pullman started running in Limousin.

Many specialties in Trump’s car

American President’s official car limousine one or cadillac forest is also called Beast. Seven people can sit in this car worth Rs 11 crore The beauty of this car is that the car can turn into a bunker when it is in danger. No bomb, bullet or chemical attack on the car will have any effect. Apart from this, the Oxygen Tank, Night Vision Cameras are also engaged.

No effect of tire deterioration

Even if the car’s tire rises, it will not make any difference and the car will continue to run. There is a satellite phone near the Trump seat which can connect directly to the Pentagon. A fire extinguishing system and tear gas system have also been installed in the car so that there is no danger to the President.

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