Truecaller adds new features for Android phone users in India

Truecaller adds new features for Android phone users in India

NEW DELHI,( PTI) frequenter identification app Truecaller on Thursday said it’ll be rolling out new features, including videotape frequenter ID, call recording, and decoration features like ‘ Ghost Call ’ and ‘ Advertise Call ’ for Android phone druggies in India in the coming weeks. 


Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Truecaller has about 300 million yearly druggies with India counting for nearly three- fourth of the stoner base( 220 million). 

“ Truecaller is a vital part of communication for over 22 crore Indians, for both their professional and particular requirements. We’re lowered by the position of trust people have shown in us but we’re also driven by the thing of transubstantiating communication, ” Rishit Jhunjhunwala, Chief Product Officer and Managing Director, Truecaller India, said. 


He added that these new features will allow people to enjoy and exercise lesser control over their communication, offering a safe, fun, and fulfilling experience at the same time. 

” We also continue to remain focused on stoner demands and meet them with innovative results and immolations We worked hard to add numerous new features and a streamlined interface without adding complexity. At the same time, the app is briskly and slender, allowing for smoother operation and reduced battery consumption, ” Jhunjhunwala said. 


The ‘ Truecaller Version 12 ’ features an each-new redesign with several stoner- concentrated advancements. It includes new gests with Video Caller ID, Call Recording, Ghost call, and Call Advertise. The features will be gradationally rolled for all Android druggies in India in the coming weeks and several other countries soon. 


Videotape frequenter ID is a point that allows you to set a short videotape that plays automatically when druggies call musketeers and family. druggies can choose from one of the erected- in videotape templates or record their own. This point will be available for all Truecaller Android druggies. 


There will also be separate tabs for calls and SMS on the app. 

The new update brings in call recording for bias running Android5.1 and newer. The point was originally introduced as a ‘ Premium only ’ point but it’ll now be available to everyone. With call recording, druggies can record all incoming and gregarious calls anyhow of whether the device manufacturer includes the point or not. 


All recordings are stored locally on the device storehouse and can not be penetrated by Truecaller, Jhunjhunwala said. 


Druggies can hear to or cancel recordings within Truecaller or by using a train cybersurfer. Recordings can also be participated fluently using dispatch, Bluetooth or any messaging service. This is an voluntary point and druggies can start recording with a single valve in either Full- Screen or Pop Up Caller ID after the original setup process. 


‘ Ghost call ’ is a point to help Truecaller druggies get out of sticky situations or play a inoffensive knavery on musketeers. With Ghost Call, druggies can set any name, number, and print to make it appear as if they’re getting a call from that person. These calls can be listed for a after time as well. Ghost Call will only be available to Truecaller Premium and Gold subscribers. 

Another point for Premium and Gold subscribers would be the ‘ Call Advertise ’ point that, when enabled, will allow Truecaller to speak the frequenter ID for incoming phone calls out loud. This works for saved connections as well as for figures linked by Truecaller on both normal voice calls and Truecaller HD Voice calls. 


The voluntary point can be enabled for use while wearing headphones as well. Truecaller’s earnings increased by 129 per cent to SEK312.8 million( about Rs256.7 crore) in the July- September 2021 period compared to the same quarter last time. profit growth was 111 per cent to SEK 214 million( about Rs175.7 crore) in India in the said quarter on a time- on- time base, as per the company’s interim report. 

The company has three profit models – announcement deals, Premium subscriptions, and Truecaller for Business( Enterprise results).( PTI) 

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