Top 10 Popular National Parks In India 2022

Top National Parks in India to Visit 

With its wide range of environmental and wildlife diversity, India has a lot to offer to nature suckers. There are further than 100 public premises in India, and each has its charm. They’re one of the stylish places to watch creatures in their natural niche and delight the peaceful joy that comes with it. 

So, if you love exploring wildlife and visiting colorful public premises , you ’ve come to the right place. This composition will partake the top public premises in India that you must visit. 


Top Indian National Parks You Must Visit 


“Between every two pine trees, there’s a door leading to a new way of life Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sun into trees. ” — John Muir 

India has 987 defended Areas, which include 564 Wildlife Sanctuaries, 99 Conservation Reserves, 106 National Parks and 218 Community Reserves. These areas cover a aggregate of km sq, or about5.26 percent of the country’s land area. 


 Then ’re the stylish bones you must visit 


1. Corbett National Park 

Established in 1936 by the British barracuda huntsman, Jim Corbett, the public demesne of the same name is one of the top public premises in India that everyone must visit. It’s also the first public demesne in India and a notorious barracuda reserve. 

You can have an audacious stay at Jim Corbett with giant lifts, canter safari and jeep safari. The demesne has five main safari zones videlicet, Dhikala, Bijrani, Jhirna, Dhela and Durga Devi Zone. Dhikala zone remains open all time round, while the other zones are closed during showers. 

You can indeed bespeak a stay right inside one of the safari zones and enjoy the wildlife adventure to the fullest. 


  • Nearest field Pantnagar, 80 km( approx.) 
  • Nearest road station Ramnagar, 5 km( approx.) 
  • Stylish time to visit March – June 


2. Kaziranga National Park, Assam 

Kaziranga National Park is the only public demesne in India which is the natural niche of the risked one- horned rhino. piecemeal from rhinos, you ’ll see mammoths, buffaloes, and other creatures. 

Beautifully seated on the banks of River Brahmaputra, you can either take a walk across the demesne or explore the demesne through an giant lift. You can also enjoy a boat safari. 

It’s just about 6 hrs from Guwahati and is one of India’s most notorious sightseer places. 


  • Nearest field Jorhat, 115 km( approx.) 
  • Nearest road station Furkating Junction, 100 km( approx.) 
  • Stylish time to visit November – April 


3. Sundarbans National Park, West Bengal 

Located amidst the magnific mangrove timbers, Sundarbans National Park is where you can find the potent Royal Bengal Tiger. The stylish part for an audacious sightseer is that you can only reach the public demesne through a boat, and the entire trip is filled with scenic views. 

Sunderbans are notorious for their boat safaris, houseboat stays, and stay in eco-friendly townlets hard. So, if you ’re up for a unique experience filled with rest, also Sundarbans National Park is a good choice for you. 

  • Nearest field Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, 120 km 
  • Nearest road station Canning Station, 48 km 
  • Stylish time to visit October – March 


4. Gir Wildlife Sanctuary, Gujarat 


The beautiful Gir Wildlife Sanctuary is home to Asiatic Lions, the only place in India where they’re set up. piecemeal from the King of the Jungle, you ’ll find other creatures like leopards, Nilgai, Chinkara, and Sambar deer. 

With further than 300 species, the Gir timber is also ideal for raspberry watching. You ’ll spot woodpeckers, flamingoes, and numerous further kinds of catcalls then. 


  •  Nearest field Rajkot Airport, 165 km 
  •  Nearest road station Junagadh Junction, 73 km 
  •  Stylish time to visit October – June 


5. Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan 

Known for its majestic barracuda , Ranthambore National Park is one of India’s most popular public premises . The demesne is notorious not just for its natural beauty but also for the rich history it embodies. girdled by swash Banas and Chambal, you can not miss the ancient Ranthambore Fort and Padam Talao lake outside. 

The ancient stronghold inside the demesne was erected in the 10th century and fancied by numerous autocrats for its strategic position. You ’ll also see a wide range of foliage and fauna in the demesne. 

But a word of caution As the public demesne is top- rated in and outside Rajasthan, you may find it crowded during the peak season. 


  • Nearest field Sanganer, 180 km 
  • Nearest road station Sawai Madhopur, 11 km 
  • Stylish time to visit October – June 

6. Periyar National Park, Kerala 


The beautiful Periyar National Park has a stunning artificial lake flowing through its timbers, making it the only public demesne exhibiting an artificial lake. It’s cradled amongst the Western Ghats and gives you a feeling of peace and calm as you visit the place. 

Periyar National Park is also one of the popular sightseer places in India. You can enjoy giant safaris, nature walks, and a boat voyage in the lake. Stay at the luxury jungle resorts or hospices near the demesne for the ultimate timber experience. 


  • Nearest field Madurai Airport, 140 km 
  •  Nearest road station Kottayam Railway Station, 114 km 
  •  Stylish time to visit September – April 


7. Mudumalai National Park, Tamil Nadu 

Mudumalai National Park shares its border with Karnataka and Kerala. The first sanctuary of India, Mudumalai National Park, is notorious for its mesmerising geography and the range of foliage and fauna set up then. 

There are further than 200 species of catcalls you ’ll find then, along with a range of foliage like bamboos, empress trees, teak, and more. creatures that you ’ll spot then include bears, mammoths, barracuda , leopards, cougars , and more. 

Enjoy a stimulating giant safari lift that goes through the demesne’s beautiful geography. You ’ll also find tree houses where you can stay and have a unique experience. 


  •  Nearest field Coimbatore, 127 km 
  •  Nearest road station Ooty, 40 km 
  •  Stylish time to visit February- May, September- October 

8. Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh 

Straight out of Rudyard Kipling’s ‘ Jungle Book ’, Pench National Park springs into life. Do you know why? It’s the same demesne upon which the book is grounded and inspired. awful, is n’t it? 

The demesne is home to the notorious Royal Bengal Tiger, boars, hyenas, and bears. River Pench flows through the middle of the demesne and divides it into two corridor. You can indeed enjoy a night safari at Pench National Park. 


  • Nearest field Nagpur, 130 km 
  • Nearest road station Seoni, 75 km 
  • Stylish time to visit November- February, and March- June 

9. Valley of Flowers National Park, Uttarakhand 


still, it’s the Valley of Flowers National Park of Uttarakhand, If there’s a public demesne where you’ll feel like that heaven. The mesmerising public demesne has further than 300 kinds of flowers that come to full bloom during the late spring and thunderstorm season. 

You must journey to reach the public demesne, but it’s worth it. Once you ’re at the edge point, the crimpy denes

draped in various flowers swaying in the crisp mountain air is a vision of a continuance. Who does n’t want to be girdled by a range of various flowers amidst the snow- limited mountains in the background? 


  •  Nearest field gleeful entitlement, 280 km 
  •  Nearest road station Rishikesh, 270 km 
  •  Stylish time to visit April – September 


10. Hemis National Park, Ladakh 

The experience you get at the Hemis National Park is one of a kind. 

Hemis National Park is a high- altitude public demesne in Ladakh and the largest public demesne in India. 

The stylish thing about Hemis National Park is that it remains covered in snow throughout the time. As a result, it’s extensively notorious for its snow leopards, and you ’ll also see a wide range of catcalls then. 

still, adventure, and walking( since vehicles aren’t allowed inside the demesne), If you love snow. 


  •  Nearest field Leh, 50 km 
  •  Nearest road stationN.A. 
  •  Stylish time to visit May- October 

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