Top 10 free short video maker app with the music

Top 10 free short videotape maker app with the music 

 Top 10 video Editing Apps for the Android in the 2022( Free Paid) 


 There are an ever growing number of the Android videotape editors available on the Play Store moment. And unless you know exactly what your conditions are, it can be come inviting to the zero in and figure out which is the swish videotape editing app for the Android. 

 So in this composition, we will give you a low down of the top 10 voguish video editing apps for android – both free and paid, to help you make the more informed choice and kickstart your video editing trip. 

Also are the bones we ’ll be covering 

1. Filmr 

2. Quik 

3. FilmoraGo 

4. Kinemaster 

5. Viva Video 

6. WeVideo 

7. Video Show 

8. Magisto 

9. InShot 

10. Power Director 

1. Filmr 

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 The Filmr app is a super easy- to- use video editing app for Android as well as iOS rested phones. Perfect for the both beginners as a well as advanced video creators it has a simple, fast and intuitive interface. You can add transitions, goods, adulterants and further to transform a introductory video to commodity that isubercool.However, dexterity and a ultra precious look for your vids, Filmr is the place for the you, If you’re looking for speed. 


Review- Filmr has gained an a overall standing of the4.4/ 5 rested on the reviews from a addicts and has 1 million and growing downloads on the Playstore. 

Price- It has the free interpretation that allows you to the yield vids with the InVideo watermark. The paid plans start from the$ 15/ month 


Vital Features 

  • No limit on the number of the images vids you can be import 
  •  Smooth and unique transitions between vids 
  •  Multiple sources to the make your text stand out 
  •  Switch video format with the ease perpendicular( 169 and 45), vertical( 43), stories( 916), and square( 11) 
  •  million majesty free music library 
  •  Exclusive adulterants and goods to the transfigure videos 


2. Quik 


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 Quik is one of the swish free video editing apps for Android, brought to you by GoPro. With the Quik app, you can produce miraculous vids in just a numerous gates. 

 Automatically add the transitions and goods and appeal the beat- synced themes to the yield stunning and shareable edits. It’s does ultimate of the editing automatically; still, Quik also lets you customize fine details. 


 Review- Quik has gained an overall standing of4.4/ 5 rested on the reviews from addicts Quick is a free video editing app for Android phones. 

 Price- Quik is a free video editing app for the Android phones. 

Vital Features 

  •  Add up to the 75 prints and video clips from your gallery, pall storage, or GoPro Plus 
  •  Compatible with stir prints 
  •  Unlimited back- over at 100 quality 
  •  GPS Stickers to show GoPro video’s speed 
  •  AI- powered face, movement, and sound discovery for the perfect frame. Open to manual corrections 
  •  23 themes for any occasion 
  •  Record, trim or rotate vids, add the text overlays, change video speed 
  •  Vids in a some confines – square, description, or cinema 
  •  free songs for the background or add your own 
  •  HD 1080p import 


3. FilmoraGo 

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 A enough important video editor operation, Filmora go is also one of the swish free video editing app for Android phones which will not stamp a watermark or place a time limit on your clip. It helps you produce decent vids with the wide variety of the goods and presets. You can be easily partake your vids with your buddies on the Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp right from the platform. 

Review- FilmoraGo has gained an overall standing of4.6/ 5 rested on the reviews from addicts. 

Price- Adulterants and goods can be bought via in- app purchases ranging from the$0.99 –$34.99 per item 

 Vital Features 

  •  Import from the social networking spots like Instagram and Facebook 
  •  Expansive library of pukka songs 
  •  Lip sync your vids 
  •  Make vids in the various confines – square, cinema 
  •  hinder, neat or rotate vids, add text overlays, play with speed 
  •  Multiple Fast or Slow the movements in the same video 


4. KineMaster 

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 KineMaster is the full- featured video editor for the Android. It has a important tools that are easy to use. It was the over 2500 downloadable transitions, goods, vids, images and transitions. The addition of the EQ presets, ducking and volume envelope tools makes audios on the KineMaster stylish immersive and important. The decoration subscription also features unlimited exports in the judgments up to the 4K. 

Review- KineMaster has gained an overall standing of4.4/ 5 rested on the reviews from addicts.


 Yearly Charge after the seven- day free trial$18.10 

 Monthly Subscription$3.47 


Vital Features 

  • In erected plates, sources, stickers, transitions, clips, and further to the bedeck your video 
  •  Multiple layers of a video, stickers, images, text, etc 
  •  It include a keyframe vitality tool to add stir to layers 
  •  Voice overs the, voice changers, sound goods, background music 
  •  Produce beautiful goods with the blending mode 
  •  Share on the YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox, etc 

5. VivaVideo 

VivaVideo is the free video editing app for Android that comes with all the introductory functions you can suppose of, as well as some advanced features that make it a top contender. 
VivaVideo is one of the most comprehensive video editing apps, with video editing features like making vids from cinema with song, editing video with transitions, adding video to video, combining video clips, adding music to the video, and so much further. It’s features hundreds of the Special Goods/ Stickers/ Adulterants/ Animated clips to the transform your vids. You can directly partake the video to the your social media handles from within the app. 
Review– Viva videotape has the gained an overall standing of4.6/ 5 rested on the reviews from addicts. 
 Monthly Plan$2.23 
 Yearly Personality Class$11.85 
Vital Features 
  •  Professional music video maker with songs and goods 
  •  Make vids from cinema and songs easily 
  •  roughly photo editing goods blur background, copse down vids, speed up to vids, etc 
  •  Combine some video clips to the make one video 
  •  Can cut, edit, combine, bury while editing the video

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