This app will send you all the call detail of any phone

 How To Use Mubble App ( Mubble App Kaise Use Kare)

Open Mubble App

First of all, open the Mubble App after downloading and installing it in your phone.

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As soon as you open it in your phone, then it will ask you to select the language, select your language.

Give Permission

After selecting the language, you will have Page Open of Give Permission in front of you and click on it.

Verify Your Number

Now the page of Verify Your Number will be open in front of you, here you have to enter your mobile number, then click on Verify, now an Otp will come to your number, enter it and Verify your number.

Add Email ID

When the number is verified from your given Otp, then you will have to add your email ID in the next step. After that you will see the option of Give Permission on the next page, you have to click on it.

Mubble Balance Checker

In the option of accessibility, you will see the option of Mubble Balance Checker, turn it on.

Click on bill

Now you will have a new page open in front of you, where you have to click on the bill.

Give Bill My Email

Clicking on Bill will open the Option for Details Bills, in which how many days Call Detail you need, select it and then click on Give Bill My Email.

Get bill

After this Mubble will ask for Confirmation from you again, in which you have to click on Get Bill.

Open Email

Now open your email ID, you will get a mail of call details from Mubble on your email ID and along with it will be a Pdf Attachment, download it and open it, you will get complete call details in it.

In this, there are all the details like Call Number, Date and Time etc. From the Mubble App, users can remove call details ranging from 7 days to 30 days. Now we have told about the use of Mubble, so let ustell you about the benefits of Mubble App.

Benefits of Mubble App (Mubble App Ke Fayde)

➥If you accidentally delete Call Details in your mobile, then you can get Call Details with the help of Mubble.

➥In this, you can check your update balance and data in your mobile anytime and anywhere.

➥ It tells Timer on the Caller Screen so that the user can know how much time has elapsed since the call was received.

➥ In this, you can get the details of all the previously made calls with just one click.

➥ In Mubble, you can search about any Mobile Operator and Landline Number in India.

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Conclusion:- Today in this post of we learned what is mubble app, how to get someone’s call details, how to get someone’s call history, how to use mubble app, what is mubble app recharge plan, how to install mubble app, Call Details Kaise Nikale, I Hope you liked today’s post.

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