These are the best smartwatches for you, which offer many features at a low price

These are the stylish smartwatches for you, which offer numerous features at a low price 

Noise Colorfit Pro 4 

The Noise Colorfit Pro 4 is priced veritably low and sports a1.72- inch color touch screen. The smartwatch also offers Bluetooth calling, and also comes with fitness shadowing features similar as step shadowing, heart rate and blood oxygen shadowing, and sleep shadowing. Although fitness shadowing is common, the smartwatch is a good pick overall. Talking about the price, it’s available for ₹ 3,499. 


Pebble Cosmos Luxe Smartwatch 

The thing to note about the Pebble Cosmos Luxe Smartwatch design is that it’s an affordable smartwatch, and it has a1.36- inch AMOLED display. The device has two buttons, one of which can be rotated to scroll. The smartwatch works with the FitCloud Pro app on iOS and Android. Although fitness shadowing is iffy, the watch works well as a notifier, and can also be used as a Bluetooth speakerphone. The Pebble Cosmos Luxe has been priced at Rs 3,999 for a limited time. 

Corseca Just Corsica RayKanab!s Calling Smartwatch 


The Corseca Just Corsica RayKanab!s Calling Smartwatch has a sturdy design, and is also IP68- rated for dust and water resistance. This smartwatch has a erected- in Bluetooth speakerphone system with speaker and microphone, which can be paired with a smartphone like a Bluetooth speaker, and can be used for calls. Fitness shadowing is a bit tricky on the Just Corseca Ray Kanabis, but the device has a decent screen and works well for viewing announcements from your paired smartphone. Its price is 4,990. 


Realme Watch R100 

The Realme Watch R100 is our coming pick on the stylish smartwatches in the Rs 5000 list. After the successful trip of the smartphone, Realme is also trying to make a big impact in the smart wearables request. The company lately launched its first budget smartwatch with Bluetooth calling. piecemeal from this, the Realme Techlife R100 offers a lot of effects that are veritably delicate to find in this particular price range. R100 comes with all the introductory fitness and fitness related features. The display of the watch is1.32- inch IPS TFT with 360 * 360- pixel resolution. The display is relatively bright and offers good color product. Its price is 3,999. 

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