These 5 Private Sector Banks Offering Highest Interest Rates On 3-Year FD Up To 6.60%

These 5 Private Sector Banks Offering Highest Interest Rates On 3- Time FD Up To6.60 

Fixed deposit investments can help you in both saving and growing your plutocrat. They are also one of the safest investments you will ever make. request conditions don’t affect the interest rate on your FD until it matures. Since repo hike by RBI, FD rates are rising, it’s an excellent moment to invest your plutocrat. The interest rate on the fixed deposit is critical in deciding your return on the investment. You can take advantage of rising rates by employing a variety of strategies to increase your gains. 

With these 5 private sector banks, you can earn interest rates up to6.60 sire for 3- time term, allowing you to earn significant gains snappily. You may invest in these FDs with ease because of straightforward online processes and a low minimum deposit demand. 


1.DCB Bank 

The bank lately hikes the Fixed Deposit Interest rates. The new FD rates are effective from the 22 June 2022. According to the bank, the term options from DCB Bank FD range from seven days to ten times. The bank offers the loftiest7.10 per cent and lowest4.80 per cent interest rate on deposits lower than Rs 2 Crore. The 3- time bank FD interest rate is6.60 per cent for regular deposits and7.10 per cent for elderly citizen deposits. 

Fixed Deposit Rates For Deposits Under 2 Crore 

2.IndusInd Bank 

IndusInd Bank has also hiked its FD rates lately. With effect from the June 21, 2022, the bank has hiked the interest rate on fixed deposits on deposits below 2 Crore. According to the bank, the Interest is compounded daily. For maturity ages 2 times 9 months to lower than 3 times and 3 times to below 61 Months the interest rates are6.50 per cent for normal deposits and 7 for elderly citizens. 

FD Rates for deposits under 2 Crore effective from 22 June 202 

3.Yes Bank 


According to the Yes Bank, for deposits below 2 crores, the bank offers 6 &6.50 on normal deposits & elderly citizen deposits for term between 1 time to lower than 18 Months. Between 18 months to 3 times and for the term of 3 times to 10 times the bank offers6.50 on normal deposits and6.66 on elderly citizen deposits. 

FD rates for deposits under 2 Crore effective from 18th June 2022 


4.RBL Bank 


According to the RBL Bank, the present interest rate on deposits under 2 crores is effective from June 8, 2022. RBL Bank offers fixed deposit accounts with several special features to meet colorful requirements of the investor. The bank offers the loftiest6.50 per cent to normal deposits and 7 per cent to elderly citizens on maturity period between 24 months to lower than 36 Months. For 36 months or 3 times to 60 months, the bank offers6.30 to normal deposits &6.80 per cent to elderly citizens A 3- time bank FD is available at a6.30 per cent interest rate. 

FD rates for deposits under 2 Crore effective from June 08, 2022 


5.IDFC First Bank 

FD with IDFC FIRST Bank comes with numerous features and benefits to help you make further plutocrat. The bank is one of the mainprivate sector banks. FD with the IDFC bank offers a variety of features. Seniors also profit from an fresh0.50 per cent in interest earnings. For deposits below 2 crores, the bank offers6.25 per cent interest on normal deposits and6.75 per cent on elderly citizens’ deposits 3- time term. 

FD rates for deposits below 2 Crore 

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