There is many times more protein than non-veg, in these 5 things, you will definitely want to eat number 2

There are many people who are vegetarian, while some people who are very non-vegetarian, they are always fond of eating meat, they can always go to any extent to eat meat, but people who are Vegetarians are looking for substances like meat that can provide them with high protein, so in today’s post, we are going to tell them about five such things Are those which provide more protein than non-veg, so let’s know again.


Talk about spinach, there is 49 percent more protein inside the spinach, it also increases the amount of blood in the body, so every person must consume spinach, if you drink its juice, it can be in many ways in the body. Provides amazing benefits.

2. Peeta Bread

Let me tell you that this bread has a lot more protein than eggs, if you eat peeta bread as breakfast then it can become a good source of high protein in your body, so definitely eat peeta bread at breakfast.

3. Milk products

If you eat milk, yogurt, ghee or cheese then it is a good source of protein, so you can include them in your diet and get high protein like meat.

4. Mushroom

Mushroom is a treasure of protein, so you must eat mushrooms, talk about 100 grams of protein, about 38% protein is present in mushrooms, which is much more than non-veg.

5. Cabbage

There is 40% protein inside the cabbage, while 12% inside an egg, so cabbage is very beneficial for the body, if you want to get high-protein then these 5 things must be eaten.

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