Their exams will be based on online syllabus taught

The government has refused to offer mass promotions in primary schools. Reports for mass promotions came within the media that primary schools within the state haven’t yet started physically amidst the Corona riots. However, the government clarified that it had no plans to offer mass promotions to students thanks to the epidemic. State Education Minister Chudasama said, “Examinations are going to be held before promoting students within the next academic class.”
He further said, ‘Std. Students of 1st to 8th and 9th also as 11th standard are going to be examined and their examinations are going to be supported the web syllabus taught by the faculties
the foremost suitable option are going to be considered. One option is to offer the scholars an issue paper reception and have it checked by the teachers. an alternative choice is to possess the scholar called to a really limited number of batch wise schools and take their exams there.
While the third option is online exam. Which is that the least likely option as students in rural areas have very limited smartphone and computer facility through which they will take the exam online.

There will be a high-level meeting on the way to conduct the exams during which each party will have its say. On the idea of which the foremost acceptable option are going to be adopted.

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On behalf of the oldsters of the scholars , the All Gujarat Board of Guardians demanded that mass promotion tend to the scholars because the schools were physically closed during the core period. He argued that it might not be appropriate to require the exam as online learning was very limited in rural areas. While the govt believes that each one options should be considered before making any decision.
School management, on the opposite hand, has increased pressure on the government to reopen schools as many parents have refused to pay fees because the schools aren’t physically open. the varsity trustees said, “All parents are going to be encouraged to pay fees if schools start. Corona has caused tons of injury to colleges .  

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