The country of gazbe will be surprised to know Israel

The country of gazbe will be surprised to know Israel

Israel is the only Jewish religion in the world. Its total population is 85 lakhs which is as much as the Bangalore city of India. Its area is two-thirds of the area of ​​Haryana. There is no lack of power in the power of the poor poor law. Earlier this country was part of Palestine. In 1900 the Jews had begun a separate country demand. After the partition of Palestine in 1948, Israel came into existence.

This is the only country in the world where the birth of a child becomes the citizens of Israel. Even if a child has not been born in any country The second exemption is that whichever country they live in, whenever they are, they can come to Israel. Suppose if a Jew is born in India, he is considered a citizen of Israel as soon as he is born.

The constitution of Israel is also unique. Like the UK, there is no written constitution. Israel’s national language is Hebrew. It is said that this language has been reborn. There is also a fraction of Marathi language in this language. The people of Israel are famous for their patriotism in the world. Here one third of the population is in the army. Teenagers of the age of 15 begin military exercises in Israel.

Israel is a very developed country in military strength. This is the main weapon seller country in the world. Israel is situated in the desert but it is still quite green. The agricultural and irrigation techniques here are quite advanced.

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