Students made an electric car to clean the air from junk, know how it works

Student made an electric car to clean the air from junk, know how it works 

The Student claim that it absorbs the carbon of the place it passes through, that is, this car doesn’t beget pollution when driving, but the car itself reduces pollution in a special way. The car has been named the GEM( ZEM). It has been given this name because it’s a zero emigration mobility vehicle. 

It’s made by adding junk. Cleantrom Lithium Ion battery has been used in this car and utmost of its corridor are 3D published. The conception EV is powered by a 22kW motor and uses regenerative retardation to achieve maximum effectiveness. 

Along with this, two pollutants have also been installed in this car , which have the capability to absorb two kilograms of carbon dioxide during driving of 20 thousand long hauls. Wherever this car is driven, it absorbs carbon from the air around it. 


When a special system has been used in making the car , also obviously the design of the car will also be different. The look of the car also looks like a super car BMW Coupe. The Student haven’t patented it yet and they’re hoping that the big car makers take alleviation from this car and make a car that can work more in the future. 

The platoon of 35 Student who erected this prototype car calls it ‘ Direct Air Capture Technology ’. Solar panels have also been integrated in the hood and roof in this electric car , so that solar energy can also be used. 

The technology of this car that cleans the air is veritably good. Considering the adding pollution from vehicles in the world, such a car will be veritably useful, which will be helpful in purifying the terrain rather of contaminating it. 

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