Std. 10 SSC taken in March 2022. Instructions to be followed after downloading HallTicket of regular, repeater, private regulars

 SSC of Std. 10 of March-2022. Regular, repeater separate, online print of Hall Ticket (Admission) of private candidates appearing in the examination is instructed by the registered secondary school principals to download from the Board’s website or or as stated in the press release. The following instructions given in this circular should be studied for further necessary action after obtaining the printout of Halltikit.

Instructions on Admission Ticket / Fee Receipt (Hall Ticket): Admission with photos of regular, repeater, separate, private candidates of March 1, 2022 examination is given online. The principal of the school from which the application form has been filled will have to verify the details like photo of the candidate, date of subject examination, block, name and address of the center, sign and certify the photo and submit the entry to the candidate. A printout without a coin signed by the principal will not be considered valid during the examination.

The photo of the candidates will be printed in black and white on the online printout of Holtikit. That

Also put the photo of the candidate in the square box at the bottom of the printout and signature of the principal

Will have to make coins.  The photo of the candidate given before filling the application form will be on the school record.)In case of a candidate who does not have a photo of the candidate in his / her enrollment and instead of one candidate he / she has got the envelope with photo of other candidate, the school principal has to get the correct photo of that candidate and attach the photo in the envelope and certify it.  So that the observer can identify the true student.  Not to come to the Gandhinagar office of the board.)

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If there is an examination center other than the center allotted by the board in the examination entrance, all the candidates of the school should immediately contact the secondary branch of the board at Gandhinagar to improve the examination center including the original entrance.  In this case the seating arrangement of the candidate may be changing

There is also a need to allocate the block number building system of the examination, so for improvement, the responsible employee of the school will have to come to the relevant grounds to check from the local level in case of seeking or approving the new center as suggested by the District Education Officer.

That if any candidate has not filled the seat number of the candidate who has filled online or lead level boolean application form then in case of print out offline form of online filled form of the examinee in case of offline contact with the secondary branch of the board in person.  Arrangements will be made to allocate the number.  If any candidate from the center incorrectly enters the examination with a temporary number, his result will be reserved or will be deducted.  No submission will be considered without a print out of the completed form.  The subjects of the examination are shown in two parts in Velica (Ultikit).  The first part of which is at the board level

Indicates the subjects taken which are to be examined by the candidate while the other part of the entrance (Hallltikit)

Shows the subjects of examinations conducted at school level.  Instead of the students appearing in the theoretical and practical examination of the subjects of Part-2 taken at school level, the entrance will have to be given to the students after the signature of the subject teacher.  Candidates will be required to delete the print of the online filled marks of the school level subject and keep it in the school record, a copy of which will have to be submitted when required by the board.  – Surname in case of regular candidate.  The name  In case of correction of father’s name or date of birth, in the certified Xerox copy of the entry of the candidate, the school showed the correction with red pen.  Must be mailed to the Board office by 28/03/2022.  A copy of the school register and a copy of the online application form should be submitted along with the entry form.  (For this in the office of the Board

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