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But there is a distinctive style of children’s story, how and when to tell a children’s story?  It all depends on the teacher, it is very important that the teaching of English is more functional than theoretical.  So dialogue and formality are more effective than lectures.  We use puppets there to teach language through genres like story, drama, dialogue.  But puppets are almost never used for English education.  Saraswani Pvt.  School, Ta, Padra teacher Narendra Kumar Patel ‘In English education? 

Pan Puppet’s article states that the useless chapen, (to collect photos (pictures) of animals, plants, objects or persons. Then glue the photos using glue or tape on one end of the pen.  Then use it in English teaching work as follows: Standard 5 language material – He, She, It is + Thannel = Questionable = To answer (Yes / N ()) e.g. Shilak in his hand P. “T. Ukha’s  In the article, Ramanbhai Wankar (Borsad) writes that: Let me first ask a question about nine – in writing numbers from 1 to 100, how many times does the number nine appear?  Gashnava pade?

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Look, from 1 to 90, nine times Navdo comes, Rubber K! And from 1 to 100, say nine times or ten times, nine is written? Thus, from 1 to 100, Navdo comes nineteen times.  How many times do we double the number in an article from 1 to 100 and add one to it so many times!  Knowledge and mathematics are more accessible.  The result is lacking.  Educational Assistant Gordhanbhai Prajapati, Kanbi Palli (Ta. Ghoghamba, Dist. Panchmahal)

The importance of reading aptitude among students states in the article: The teacher can use a paper board for training in reading.  Write the words and sentences on the paperwork with beautiful handwriting or sketchpen of different attractive colors and present it to the class.  The children will read it, thus the teacher will devote special time of reading in the upper category for reading, orienting towards other reading, reading, individual reading as well as group and word reading, reading etc.

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