Subject: Matter of conducting self-assessment and external assessment under “School Achievement” program Reference: Office letter no.  And decided to conduct “School Achievement” program in the grant aided secondary schools as per the guidelines of NIEPA.  In the year 2017-20, “School Achievement” program has been implemented in a total of 6 secondary schools.  These schools were instructed to conduct self-assessment as per the guidelines of NILPA.  Year: Self-assessment work for 2018-20 will be frozen after November 30, 2020. The schools in your district which have self-assessment work pending will have to complete the self-assessment work by November 30, 2020.  Under “School Achievement” program, after self-assessment in schools, external assessment process has to be done in third (1/4) part of schools.  Following the self-assessment work in these 8 schools under the “School Achievement” program, guidelines were sent for external assessment in an average of one-third (1/3) of the secondary schools in each block of the state.  Apart from this, details of district wise grant and expenditure allotted for this operation were also sent.  .

The district level has appointed a nodal officer for this operation and it is requested to send the progress report of the operation to the office here every Friday at

Guidelines for External Assessment under the School Achievement Program – External assessment shall be based on the results of last year’s self-assessment.  In which 1/2 (one third) of the total number of schools in the taluka will have to be evaluated externally.  > For external evaluation of schools, Secondary School Education Inspector, Assistant Education Inspector, Model School Principal, Model Day School Teacher, Retired Secondary School Principal, Diet Lecturer, BRCCornector.  Selection of Coordinator, Head Teacher and Secondary School Principal. 

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– In order to evaluate the school which has to be evaluated, the principal of the secondary school other than the school has to be included in the team. 

> Under the guidance of the District Education Officer, the teacher should form a team for the external evaluation at BRC for that taluka and organize a meeting.  – The officer / employee coming for external evaluation will have to be considered on-duty on his / her duty. 

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