The song of a film made with the culture of Gujaratis at the center: Taro Dhol … has become very popular.  Some of the things woven in the film have captivated all the Gujaratis who watch the film.  In  film song, dancing in a group with the drums of a drummer, flying a kite in the sky and having fun with it, playing a game of kho-kho, playing a game of nargol in which the team divides and rearranges nine items from nine tennis balls. 

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Games and activities like this have played a big part in making the film a success.  The games and activities that make a huge budget film a success have nothing to do with education!  ??  The answer is.  Yes yes, and only yes. education is to be successful, it must be made full of fun activities and sports.

Today, issues such as enrollment, stabilization and the demand for quality education remain unchallenged in the run-up to the 21st century.  Is it possible to create such a fun and active education then?  Naturally such  question happens to everyone.  And if we say yes, the questioners will laugh!  – Possible in conversations.  Come to the surface of reality!  It makes sense to say so, but – friends, all this is possible. 

Not only that, the door of possibility has been opened and implemented.  And the results have been amazing.  No imported techniques or foreign materials were used as the basis for these encouraging results. ours.  Our Potiki Samrudhi Sanskar Education and its glorious heritage!  But we are the ones who find things by taking a lamp!  Self, Gijubhai Badheka is an indisputable and successful education experiment in the minds of children.

In which the song, the story, the play, the activity, the game and the child have full freedom to express themselves openly.  Trial textbooks of Std. 1 and 2 which D.P.E.P.  This approach has been implemented in 20 schools of other selected districts.  As well  the school readiness program ‘and its resultant school entrance ceremonies are the latest living examples.  In which we were all witnesses and participants. 

He directed the education world and the society towards school.  What’s in a textbook with this new approach?  And to teach him how to give children songs, performances, stories, rhymes, story based plays and a look at how  do activities like pottery, pottery, gardening and sports, a three-day program titled ‘Let’s go to school every day’ was organized.

ITV marked in golden letters in the education world of Gujarat.  Inspired by the success of the program.  On 21, 22, 23 July-99, the program was watched by a large number of teachers, experts, academics and parents at about 60 learning centers in Gujarat as well  on local cable connections.  GCERT, Na Vad Sarikha Nimayakshree R.  That. 

The program, which was inaugurated with the blessings of Chaudhary, has been attended by an 85-year-old man from the age of doll.  An effective and eye-catching demonstration of how clapping, silent acting, and purpose can be educationally helpful – a wide range of activities related to each subject, with detailed explanations, as well as information on the availability of materials and the creation process. 


The importance of children’s travel, children’s story, classical of children’s story, child mind – in which, what kind of teacher I like and what kind of teacher I do not like .. such a scholarly and empirical talk.  – Children’s stories, entrance ceremonies, school management, children’s classes and in particular, the story of the education experiment, the story in a special style from those who have assimilated the ‘daydream’.  – Can an eighty year old play any game if he doesn’t like you? 

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