Send important information to all friends about the winter, summer and monsoon seasons.

 Send important information to all friends about the winter, summer and monsoon seasons.

 Method of consuming greasy, sour, sour juicy food.  Regular body oil massage.  And exercise.  Avoid cold and stay in a warm place.  Regular body massage and exercise. Eat greasy, salty and salty foods.  

મહત્વપૂર્ણ લિંક

ઋતુચક્ર ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

This is also a healthy season in which body strength is high.  Digestion is good as the fire is bright.  Posh Maha 19 Jan.  From March 15 to winter and to eat cold and dry food.  The fire is burning.  Digestion is good.  The body suffers.  This season is healthy for wearing warm clothes.  This increases the strength of the body.  Kartak |  Magshar Hemant to 16 Nov.  Consumption of bitter, spicy, turmeric, juice minister and harsh substances.  Do not sleep on a hot summer monsoon day, and avoid cold, heavy and mucous foods.  Cough-related diseases are more prevalent this season due to the dissolution of phlegm.  And gastritis slows down.  March 15 to May 15 Phagan / Chaitra Vasant a [lc Sharad 15 Sept.  To 16 Nov.  Respect |  Bile outbreaks occur this season.  The fire is extinguished.  Diseases related to bile and blood, skin diseases, fever etc. are more common.  And Tura Raspradhan should be used for drinking water heated by the rays of the moon at night and cooled water as per the advice of a physician with the sun’s salts during the day.  Consumption of biliary substances, alcohol, experiments.  Not getting a good night’s sleep.  To do deeds.  Vaishakh |  According to Jeth 15 May to 15 July Nasya etc. Vomiting Vaidya’s advice is a matter of interest.  Taking more increases the body’s strength with cold water.  Bathing and cold excitement seem to be in a lesser atmosphere.  To live.  Fatigue subsides and the fire is dim.  Avoid spicy, salty, salty, spicy, sunny foods.  Rainy season this season  Shravan 15th July to 18th September.  During this season the strength of the body decreases and the fire slows down.  The proportion of diseases due to anger of all the three faults should be smooth, salty, sour, be careful.  Therefore, it is more common to have a special river water, juicy light food and a diet that increases gastrointestinal tract as well as alleviates all the three defects.  The warmth of the day is more special.  Protecting the body from excessive sun exposure.  Not to do.

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