School Start Babat new update news report and Guidelines

The form sent is included.) Reference Shi. Vs. No date In seeking the following information from the letter dated 07-10-2020 came. To send the details in the form of a letter as to when the 6 vacancies have been canceled and when they have actually remained vacant.
Regarding the above subject and context, it should be mentioned that regarding the filling of vacancies of teachers of subsidized private primary schools and implementation of the Seventh Pay Commission.

Vs. No date With the resolution of the same number of 30-09-2018, 6 plus 12 non-training posts have been found. A total of 4 posts have been filled. (As on 01-09-2018, information is available in Sh. Vs.

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To send the details in the form of a form since when the resolution dated 30-03-2018 has been vacated and for what reasons it has been vacated.

Information on your district’s subsidized private primary school that sh. In view of the details sent in the proposal (dated 01-09-2018) it is asked to fill in the prescribed form and send it within 3 days.

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