Homemade DATA ENTRY OF STANDARD 3rd to 8th of SAT 2022 has been started. Complete the DATA ENTRY incontinently after studying the details of the * companion transferred on with this. You can ENTRY MANUAL DATA using this URL.

દ્વિતીય સત્રાંત કસોટી (SAT-2022) MANUAL DATA ENTRY કરવા બાબત માહિતી.

 still, you can get help by calling the helpline 07923973615( 1030 to 910), If you have any problem with MANUAL DATA ENTRY of SAT 2022. 

 Hello, scholars studying in all the seminaries in the state are planning to take a semester test from the state position to estimate the study done during the time. scholars have been tested through the same question papers from the state position. Grounded on the marks attained by the pupil in this test, guidelines are set up regarding the achievements of the scholars and the needed remedial work. For this, the details of the marks attained by all the scholars at the state position are anticipated. For which the question marks attained by all the scholars must be entered. Then’s a detailed companion on how to enter and save the marks attained by the scholars in the semester test.

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