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Gijubhai describes how a young man named Lakshmiram, with the consent and warmth of the legislator, handled the fourth standard for a year and experimented in his own way on the harsh real fear of Dhudi Nishal at that time.  Kaur at the beginning of the upper master: let it be?  The boys have to pay the price and the boys in the primary school have to fetch the water of Neva.  Besides, you are a writer and a thinker.

  It is easy to write articles while sitting at a table, it is also easy to teach in imagination;  It’s tough.  Just do the real work and cross it.  (How the weak link of teacher training schools to our school shows this knock!) Laxmiram says: “That is why I want to get self-experience.  In my imagination I have brought reality.  ((This is something that teachers of all classes have to remember.) Then the drawing of the actual work of Laxmiram’s primary school is drawn from the confusions he himself initially experienced in Gijubhai’s kindergarten experiment. Let us remember Lakshmi Ram’s note.

He took up the job. (Of the game of peace), first I have to introduce him to them, something to make them interested and love for me, then they listen to me and do something, these boys work where they like a holiday, not a school.  That is why Bhagirathi brought Ganga.  It is true that the story is a wonderful magic: one hundred percent true to XC! ‘Thus, the educational significance of storytelling is a powerful means of winning the hearts of the students and establishing peace, it is clear and accurate in our minds.

  The students adopted me through storytelling. From my kindergarten to college, I have been constantly experiencing the success of storytelling. 

The storytelling of “Divaswapna” has also been effective for teaching trainees, primary and secondary teachers or village or city guardians), Laxmiram says in reply to the question: “Through story, the system is being taught today, orientation is being taught.  Laxmiram then slowly takes his students to personal hygiene, puts a small mirror in the classroom at his own expense, rags and handkerchiefs, in education, kills him. At the end of the whole event, the boys say: “Then don’t kill.  If I don’t come, teach me more. ”(Primary school children want to say the same thing even today because even in the year of Gijubhai Shatabdi, corporal punishment from the schools has not been completed yet.)  On the next occasion a hermit comes to preach.

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સરકારી કર્મચારી માટે ફરવાની યોજના જાણવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Lakshmiram says: ‘But Swamiji!  Religion does not live in the mouth.  That is true when you wake up from a distance.  Even when times come for it.  Don’t you think that all this is a premature imposition?  …. Preaching should not be done with small children.  Today they should be given a healthy body, a healthy mind, pure intellect, tireless work force.  They should be empowered in every way, we should try to live the religion, parents should try, teachers should try.  The Puranas and Upanishads tell stories of religious men in textbooks.

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