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  (Amreli) (12) Std-1 (Trial) Gujarati Textbook Answer: The booklet, attached to the actual situation, cannot form the reason for the choice of the picture placed on the cover, while you will state the choice on a trial basis.  (Santrampur) Textbooks, giving complete freedom to teachers Answer: There is a picture that children like, it attracts.  Being in the book, reflects the given subject matter of the teaching work tailored to the local situation.  Useful for homepage selection.

The conclusion is that with the help of the state, many capabilities of language and environment can be proved by the Resource Group (S. R. G) as well as the International Quiz.  Try the reputable organization i.  eye .  Look at her Ravi Mathai, the findings from the Centre’s survey show that children will be interested in table puppets?  (Gandhinagar), day to day planning on a letter basis Answer: Yes, no doubt.  But students should not be limited, teachers should organize in their local number group, finger puppets, table puppets, stick according to the situation.  C. R. C. and puppets, can be effective. 

The number of children needs to be planned at B. R. C. level.  Increase the size of the table, stick puppet when excessive (18) Introduce children of Vajara breed in Std.  What to do to come to this school regularly?  (See Godhra, June R-99 issue of Life Education B. R. C) Request.  Ans: It is necessary to know its true cars and accordingly the use of solutions (11) puppet has to be found suitable due to lack of knowledge. 

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Organize an educational convention of this caste.  It doesn’t happen at night, guide it.  Will be very useful.  Ans: In each district there are about 10 teachers trained in this activity when the number of children in puppet class (19) is higher by C. C. R, T.  How do these friends become possible?  Called C. R. C. Understanding this at the level Answer: Literal education can be developed when there is a large number in the class.  CMDE of Talim Bhavan

It is the experience of all of us that the branch that does not become possible or becomes effective does not become useful and guiding in this matter.  Will be.  And Puppets Library to each building to organize activities in a ready situation, to students.  Divide into small and large groups and engage in activities they enjoy (15).  Becomes effective.  And reducing the burden on the teacher.

Ans: Your suggestion is welcome.  Through parental cooperation, the medium becomes.  And from the activity you used to get another cassette from the building and see the demonstrations in the program, you may have realized that, you can never fail to trust the society.  (16) How can this program be useful in imparting “School Readiness” organized at Alternative Schooling Instructor Training Palitana?  More than 300 teachers gathered (Bhavnagar) in the training program. 

Sarkar ni 118 kalyankari yojna DOWNLOAD

The answer to all these activities from the same experience: In this program, child psychology, educational psychology, educational philosophy and its practical upliftment.  So why teach a large number of that class.  Since all three things have been coordinated, this program has been able to solve the dilemma by giving us effective training in these activities, 934 Dear Ai.

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