With outstanding resourcefulness he has guided the students and given the institution a reputation.  Such principals are the bearers of the values   of the society.  Acharya has Power, Position. 

I do not mean power, I mean power, and a man like Kabirvad, who has been established in a glorious position, works to support his ancestors strongly.  Teachers criticize the heads of institutions for cutting off their wings or stripping them of their support.  Because how can one who does not have faith also acquire faith? 

Even in the practice of Acharya, when one becomes round and the other becomes round, the feeling of respect towards him decreases.  A person who works with harmony and a balanced vision is supported by all.  Despite being a leading citizen of the society, the walls of the organization begin to crumble when he is busy solving the equations of self-interest or has a business acumen or works with shallow concepts. 




The foundations of development are shaken.  As a protector of character, as a human being, if he becomes a victim of inferior or anti-social instincts, how can he give leadership?  If one is not inquisitive or studious, how can one make directional directions for others?  There are many instances where students have come running as soon as the principal’s patrol is over.

Acharya “Torch Bearer” was and is a beacon for humble students displaying their respect for Guru.  There is no doubt that a handful of such principals are the most specialized chapters in the world of education.

It is also the responsibility of the Acharya to address the social issues of the village, what needs to be changed in the current flow, and to inspire the enthusiastic brothers and sisters from the village to join this Bhagirath work.  Doing so will develop the whole village and hence the level of education will be higher.  It is also to be a guide in its activities in harmony with the primary schools. 

ore than one school in the village, efforts will be made to raise the overall educational level by coordinating between them.  Doing so will raise the level of education in the village and create an atmosphere of enthusiasm.  Minister of Education –

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