RISER APP India’s first Skill based Hyperlocal Short Video App

 What is Riser App?  (Riser App Kya Hai)

 The Riser App is India’s first platform designed to make our Indian youth self-reliant.  Where our Indian youth can earn income by monetizing whatever skill and talent they have.

 Aim (Mission) of Riser App?

 At present millions of young people from all over India are unemployed at home by reading and writing, who have been given the gift of a skill or talent, which they are unable to display or use due to various obstacles.

 The Riser App aims to provide a common platform for all young people, regardless of their background, to make a living for themselves, using their skills.

 The goal of Riser App is to make Indian youth more independent, confident and support them step by step for their journey to become a solopriner.

Second: – As soon as the app is launched, download it, then make a short video of the SKill or Telent you have and upload it to the Riser App.

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Riser App से Creator को इनकम कैसे होगी?

First:- सबसे पहले Riserapp.in पे जाके As Creator रजिस्टर कर लीजिये।

 What is Riser RISER APP?

 RISER is India’s first platform designed to make our Indian Women self-reliant.  Wherever our Indian woman has any skill, she can earn income by MONETISE the skill and talent


 There are currently millions of housewives and housewives from all over India, who have been gifted with a skill or talent, which they are unable to display or use due to various obstacles.  RISER aims to provide a common platform for all women, regardless of their background, where, using their skills, for themselves

So that they can create a difference in life of grow individualy.


 If you are doing any small or big business.  Like beauty parlor, yoga class, dance class or any business, you have to do Paid promotion to grow it.  But you will make and upload just one video every day on Riser App, that video will be seen first by the people around you.  This will let the people around you know about your business first.  So all the customers of your local area will come to you.  And that too without investing a single penny in marketing


 Suppose you are a good beauty artist and you are uploading beauty videos on Riser App and you know that every girl in India wants to learn beauty parlor, then you can come here and watch her beauty.


 Affiliate marketing is the fastest growing industry in India.  Today thousands of people are earning lakhs of rupees from affiliate marketing and it is said that this industry is going to be 6250 Cr by 2025.  Now here is how you can earn income from affiliate marketing.  Suppose you make videos on a beauty parlor on the Riser App.  But if you don’t know how to learn beauty parlor, then you can refer to the session / masterclass of a great beauty artist, which will increase your income many times over.  We are also giving you customers at Riser, meaning you can earn lakhs from affiliate marketing without marketing anything.

 4: BOOK 1: 1 CALL

 You know that every human being today has some or the other small pearl problem or there are many questions whether it is mentally or about income.


 If you are making a video about Beauty on Riser App, you will sell any product related to Pay Beauty here, then you will get a lot of commission for it.


 With the help of Paid Groups, you can earn a lot of income by monetizing the audience you have.  Suppose you are making a video about Share Market, then you can earn money by creating pro Paid Group about Share Market and sharing pro tips.  For Example: You created a Piad Group whose price is only 500 rupees and only 500 people join, then your monthly income is: 500 * 500 = 25,0000Rs.  Isn’t that amazing?

 “Riser App Kya Hai |  Riser App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye |  Riser

Riser App Pe Agent Kaise Bante Hai?

 What if you want to join our team?  And if you want to make a lot of your own income by becoming an Agent and joining a new Creator with our Riser App, then register as an Agent by clicking on this link.

 Agent Profit: Now the main question that is coming to your mind is how will you become an agent and earn money from Riser App?  You will receive a monthly 3% commission from the earnings of each Creator registered through your contact.

 Agent Average Earning: Agents will get 3% commission from each Creator registered through their contact.  All you have to do is explain the concept of Riser App to them and get them ready to upload short videos and they can earn millions.

 Example: Suppose 2000 Creators are registered from your Referrer and each Creator is at least Rs. 10,000 / -.  Is earning then your earning e 6 Lacs Rs.  Will be

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