Puzzle Solutions Dimagi Kasrat Koyda Ukel

Puzzle Solutions Dimagi Kasrat Koyda Ukel | IQ Test

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Puzzle Questions :-

 Musketeers, IAS interview questions are always in the discussion. It’s said that any question can be asked from the campaigners in the UPSC test. Campaigners break a sweat to pass this test. So we’re showing you some similar fun UPSC questions and its answers. UPSC is considered to be a veritably delicate test due to which scholars work hard day and night. Scholars preparing for UPSC can get an idea from these questions on how the answer to a putatively common question is just as unusual. 

 The greatly outstanding mystification, online education styles to give scholars admixture of the only extent literacy 

. Reasonable mystifications-a set of mystifications in one nice system, several games in game. we have settle concertedly colorful cool mystification events in one game that adopts lower area. 

 The blessed mystification game is excellent for those who like brain games, brain exertion or sense games. 

The game assumes small room and so it’ll live simple and safe to play indeed on vulnerable bias. 

 Mystification Answer-


 Thnk that you’re travelling with 10 passengers in A machine. So originally you’re 10 1 (you) passengers in the machine. 

 Now in 1st stage two passengers are left and 4 comes in the machine. 

 Show the passenger in the machine after first stage is 11-2 4 = 13. 

 Now on alternate stage. five left the machine and 2 passengers comes into comes in the machine. The passengers in the machine after alternate stage is 13-5 2 = 10 

 Now in third stage 2 passengers left the machine and 3comes in the machine. Now pessenger in the machine after third stage is 10-2 3 = 11. 

 So the answer is 11 passengers left in the machine is 11 



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