PSI cut of marks

 A lot of progress is being made in education in the state of Gujarat. The state of Gujarat is now at the forefront of education.  It happens that you don’t get a job as per your educational qualifications. It will happen to a lot of young people that education doesn’t get a job.  You are giving different information to the youth for jobs and advertisements through WhatsApp. Whenever you want to advertise jobs and different activities, we are giving the information which is provided by the company which is different from the road or government recruitment.  

PSI કટ ઓફ માર્ક્સ જાહેર

PSI મેઇન્સ પરીક્ષા માટે ક્વોલિફાય થયેલ ઉમેદવારોનું લિસ્ટ જાહેર

PSI કેડરની મુખ્ય પરીક્ષા માટે પસંદગી યાદી અંગેની માહિતી માટે અહિ ક્લિક કરવું

ઓફીસીયલ વેબસાઇટ માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો 

As we are putting different information in the project whatsapp group, as education in Gujarat grows, so will the number of qualified candidates for jobs. You may have seen that any job or recruitment  Advertisements are filling up a number of forms and it is becoming difficult to take exams. As the number of youngsters appearing for exams increases as education increases, so will the competition. You have to work harder as the number of candidates increases.

  This means that the more the education, the more the competitors will grow as their merit goes higher and higher among the competitors. You will need to work harder to stay with the job. This is really super important information and super information for job and recruitment advertisement.  Your useful information should reach as many people as possible

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