Primary teacher badli new rules declare.

Secretariat of Gujarat Shaivas, .Non-Gujarat legislature Secretariat, Gujarat Resolution of the cadre of 2017 Changed. Eligible Public Service Commission and of M, Gujarat Chapter – D Employees Authorized Employees Officers within the supreme court Services Approved Allowance Method Fact No. No. of Husbands or Employees Officers who are appointed and who are currently performing the first fee . As a lecturer who has been working within the office for 3 (three) years during a row and his her husband wife in Gandhinagar, District Nagar Education Committee, District grade school within the district as an educator transfer teaching assistant.

Director, Teachers Educational Assistants Her Husband The non-replacement letter of the first Education Pani are going to be given only within the place of Kruj, this benefit are often changed by taking this resolution orders considering internet vacancy available within the district. of the pinnacle Office of the Department at Gandhinagar Subsequent vacancies exist only at Gandhinagar for the prevailing teacher and once performing on that vacancy the officer’s service are going to be available except in Gandhinagar, not transferable elsewhere within the state also as in non-transferable areas in the state aside from Gandhinagar. just in case of non-replacement, the vacancy are often changed keeping in sight the available vacancies within the district. Badli gr, primary.
That is, change of husband wife of the officer eating cruj in Gandhinagar in Gandhinagar district and name. Spouse of a politician employee on duty at Gujarat supreme court are often transferred to Ahmedabad district. Certificate Evidence given by Andhakari who isn’t descended from Class-I responsible of the establishment of the concerned administrative department within the above case, prescribed within the attached appendix attached). it’ll need to be implemented, while the name .. Gistra within the service of the supreme court . Gujarat High Court’s above appendix otalol MARMELA.

No feces are often changed in Dawad district. within the above case, the certificate of the prescribed specimen given within the attached appendix, which isn’t descended from the class-4 responsible of the establishment of the executive department concerned, shall be originally adduced as proof. While within the case of the name Gujarat supreme court , the certificate as per the sub-appendix of the Registrar, Gujarat supreme court as per sub-order has got to be submitted as evidence.Badli gr, primary.

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