Petrol will not be available in Delhi after October 25 without pollution certificate, know what is the reason

Petrol won’t be available in Delhi after October 25 without pollution instrument, know what’s the reason 

PUC Certificate Delhi Price If you live in Delhi also you must read this news. Let us tell you that on Wednesday, the Delhi government has issued instructions to all petrol pumps to give energy only to those vehicle possessors who have a valid ‘ Pollution Control Certificate ’ for their vehicles. 

Notice issued by Transport Department

The Transport Department of Delhi has issued a notice directing all those vehicle possessors to get their vehicles checked for PUCC, whose vehicles( except electric or battery operated vehicles) from the date of enrollment . are further than 1 time old. 


10,000 fine and 3 years imprisonment

The transport department asked the vehicle possessors to gain valid PUCC before October 25 to avoid vexation and action under the law. The notice said that, ‘ driving a vehicle without valid PUCC is punishable with a forfeiture of Rs ,000 and imprisonment for 3 times or both. In view of the problem of pollution in Delhi, the government has taken this tough decision. 


what is the reason

Let us tell you that the Environment Department is considering issuing a announcement to make it obligatory for all dealers of petrol, diesel and CNG pumps to show valid PUCC from October 25. Only energy should be vended to vehicles. The problem of severe air pollution is seen in Delhi from October to December. Due to the burning of stubble in the girding areas, the fog fills Delhi and people find it delicate to breathe. 


damage to the environment

Vehicles have a big part in spreading air pollution, which are running on the old road for numerous times. Indeed after the action of the business department, the sweats are inadequate. Pollution is under control, for this vehicles have to take PUCC, which shows that the pollution of similar vehicle is under control and there’s no detriment to the terrain. It’s seen that after the PUCC instrument expires, people drive vehicles on the roads. Now similar people shouldn’t get petrol. 

There are so many checking centers in Delhi

It’s known that the Transport Department of Delhi Government has set up 954 pollution checking centers in Delhi, which are run in petrol pumps and shops. PUCC instrument can be attained at these centres. Before this, the pollution of the vehicle will be checked and a instrument will be given on the same base. You’ll also get the installation to get this instrument made online. For this, a instrument will have to be taken by visiting the website of vehicle transport. 

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