Now you can run WhatsApp even without a number, this is a very easy way

Now you can run WhatsApp indeed without a number, this is a veritably easy way 

New Delhi. utmost of the people use WhatsApp for drooling. It’s veritably important to have a mobile number for WhatsApp. But there are numerous people who don’t want to tell their real mobile number to anyone and try to produce WhatsApp account from any other number. moment we’re telling you about how to run WhatsApp without number. 


Frequently numerous people want that they can run whatsapp without showing their number toanyone.However, also you can do it veritably fluently, If you also want to do this. For this, you have to follow the system we’re telling you. So let’s know how to do it. 


To run WhatsApp without a number, you have to take a virtual number. With virtual number, you can fluently run WhatsApp without revealing your number to anyone. 

how to play whatsapp without number

>>First of all you download the app named Text Now for free from play store. 

>> Log in to TextNow by creating an account. 

>>You’ll also get a list of five free phone figures located in the US and Canada. 

>>You can choose any number of your choice. With this virtual number, you can make calls and dispatches on the Internet. 

>>also download WhatsApp and enter the virtual number you have named while registering. 

>> Enter the control law for US or Canada. Make sure to keep the TextNow app running in the background. 

>>You won’t be given a security OTP communication on this virtual phone number. 

>>In such a situation, after the OTP time is over, valve on the Call me button. 

>>You’ll incontinently admit a missed call on the TextNow app and a new communication will pop up on your voicemail within the TextNow app. 

>> This will be an audio communication. hear to this to know the verification law of WhatsApp. 

>>Enter this law on WhatsApp and do. Your account will just be created. 

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