More sanctions needed: The US plans to expand restrictions on the export of semiconductors and chips to China. Now under the threat of memory chips

Further warrants demanded The US plans to expand restrictions on the import of semiconductors and chips to China. Now under the trouble of memory chips 

According to people familiar with the situation, the administration of US President Joe Biden is preparing new restrictions on the import of semiconductor products and technologies for their product to China. This will allow the US to limit China in the product of the fastest chips. 

In recent weeks, the States have formerly introduced new restrictions on the import from the United States of certain chips used for artificial intelligence systems, as well as on the trade of videotape cards and product technologies to China and Russia. 


still, fresh import restrictions are presently being considered that will affect the product of memory chips and advanced factors. Eventually, among the limitations, factors for amount computing systems may also appear. 

US officers are also considering adding new Chinese companies to the US Commerce Department’s list. However, they will be banned from exporting technology without a license, If this happens. An sanctioned advertisement is anticipated this week. 


At the same time, it’s noted that not only the United States is ready to take analogous way. The authorities of Japan, South Korea and European countries are preparing analogous restrictions. Their common import controls could oppressively limit the Chinese semiconductor assiduity, as these countries have a near monopoly on the product and trade of crucial tackle and software demanded to produce the most advanced chips. 

preliminarily, the US demanded from the Dutch government to block the trade of ASML Holding NV’s critical outfit to China. 

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