Mr. Shamjidada’s games are very interesting, the beneficiaries are so engrossed here that acting like children as grandparents as well as children is very much appreciated. The songs, stories and activities presented in this program are really very instructive and  Will be complementary. 

District Education and Training Bhavan, Valsad We are watching this program.  Congratulations to all the brothers and sisters who presented the program, District Education and Training Bhavan, Patan read about this program in ‘Jeevan Shikshan’.  But this was the first occasion of self-realization.  Waves of joy swirled in the distance. 

Talking about child travel, Mr. Praveenbapu said that the night before going on a trip, the children could not sleep, when should I go to school in the morning?  And let me teach the kids new games right in the morning prayer convention!  Especially the games of 85 year old Mr. Shamjidada.  A sense of gratitude was felt from the pertinent speech splendor with the program.  Kalpanabahen P Killa Pardi (J. Valsad,. – District Education and Training Bhavan, Gandhinagar – – Devgarh Baria, Lunawada, Godhra as well as local cable operators.

This program is being broadcast on Ghergher TV. Promotion of Diet family –  Due to the spread, the phone kept ringing till late at night asking for information and congratulations from the public to watch this program ….. District Education and Training Bhavan, Santrampur If we consider this quality oriented curriculum together, the quality improvement of primary education is at hand  And our Bhavan will be indebted to GCERT for making teleconference a powerful and living tool in conveying sattvic ideas to the beneficiaries.

And this is the fun of education! – District Education and Training Bhavan, Junagadh Page No. 12  During the next five days, peace was maintained and everyone contributed to the Gyan Yajna. 1. Responses: In the words of Gandhibapu, ‘The child should get education for all-round development. We have got this kind of education.  To.  Lots of nursery rhymes in this training.  Rhymes, riddles, children’s stories and how to do various activities in the classroom.

The training was planned as per the schedule.  The training method (speech) had very little scope in this training, group work and activities were more.  Everyone got to learn the ability to think, to do their own thing, to maintain self-discipline, to get up early in the morning.  From this training verses, prayers, meditation, silence.  Gita recitation, peace, sitting still.  Labor, now the spirit of working in a group developed.  The discussion session developed a lot of dinking power. 

We remembered childhood when field games were played.  The idea was to exercise daily for the body.  In an informal session, each teacher can do his / her favorite activity and realize his / her creativity.  Thus our hidden powers developed.  In the experimental session we learned about the content, how to organize lessons, how to give lessons, how to teach children in a fun way.  Also modern trends in education. 



Techniques.  Also get a lot of information about values, approaches that are incredibly useful in life.  Balmitra class.  He also gave information about the functions of CRC, GCERT and the objectives and functions of the District Education and Training Bhavan.  In a real sense, we have been trained in the art of weaving and weaving and we have found the path of life.

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