Mobile Aided Money Note identifier by RBI for Visually Impaired

denominations of Rs.10, Rs.20, Rs.50, Rs.100, Rs.200 Rs.500 and Rs.2000 obtain since been released.  This effort will service the visually impaired to find the quantity of Indian banknotes of Mahatma Gandhi run and Mahatma Gandhi (New) sequence by capturing the image of the explanation located in frontage of rear mobile camera. The devotion will engender audio and non-sonic notification intimating the currency tone quantity to the user.

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Disclaimer -  This mobile product is completed offered by the save store of India at no asking price for the guidance of the visually challenged people in identifying the quantity of Indian Banknotes. The stockpile swing round of India nor any of its establishment nor agencies nor officers nor employees nor advisors provide any warranty or pressurize somebody into any representation, press out or implied, as to the completeness or truth of the consequences certain by the application, which may diverge on story of diversity in conditions, counting but not incomplete to, light, soilage term of the banknotes and interference from in the neighborhood objects. Users may piece of work discretion and supplement the fallout of the app by glance the quantity through other habits of mention identification. The aloofness level of India does not show any responsibility, and no privilege shall recline against the save put in the bank of India, for the domino effect of the diligence and for any decisions full by the users based on the understood results.


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