Launched in Mahindra XUV500 Market

Launched in Mahindra XUV500 Market

Mahindra XUV500 has been in the market for quite a while. Since its launch, it has maintained its dominance in the market, and since then it has regained its place on the sales chart again in the segment since Facelift. Mahindra XUV500 looks quite a lot and its gauged examples look even better!

Mad Me

This is a well-modulated Mahindra XUV500 by Motormind. There are several upgrades in this, including new bumpers, integrated lamps with integrated lamps, and modifed headlamps with LED parts. This SUV has been fully updated and its exemption is also equipped with trapezoidal shapes. Along with this, the new matte black wrap on its body.


Gold Chrome Rap is quite popular in Middle Eastern countries and the biggest customers of gold in the world also enjoy their car in this color. Introducing XUV500 with a gold vinyl rap. There is also a black rap on its hood and roof, which gives it a dual tone finish.


In India, you will find the most modifined vehicles in Kerala. These XUV500s of Kerala look great with their common modifications. This car has wide tires with new alloy wheels. On the front you get a bull bar with integrated lamps. There are 4 auxiliary lamps on top of the cart which provide better light at night.

Mad Men-II

This kit of Motormind transforms XUV into a forward-looking carriage. The cost of this customization kit is 1.58 lakh rupees and you get lots of parts in it. This kit includes the customized LED DRLs customized with front bumper, Honeycomb grill, and a hood scoop grill. Other modifications include flared wheel arch, auxiliary roof mounted lights, matte black alloy wheels, a custom rear bumper with diffusers, and rear spoiler. There is also a matball rap in this car which gives it a fair look. All these parts can be purchased separately and its price starts from Rs. 10,000.

DC lounge

DC lounge Mahindra XUV can also be called India’s most Luxurious XUV. This modification lets the car look different from the crowd with a new front grill and a new bumper. The car is completely changed to the inside. In this 7-seater, only 4 people can sit and some luxury features have been added to it. There is a 24-inch screen for rear passenger. Seats can be fully electronically controlled and can bend up to 150 degrees. There are also ambient lighting and individual reading lamps on every seat.

new face

With a large number of XUVs on India’s Rhodes they look quite like each other. It has replaced a new grill with a new grille, which improves its look. Black grill gives a new look to this black carriage.


These Red and Black Mahindra XUV500 look quite different from the rest. The XUV500 has red body wrap and matte black roof rap. This black rap has also been installed on the XUV500 bonnet and gives it an unsurpassed identity.

Super XUV500

Mahindra XUV500 often participates in rallies, and Super XUV 500 is the official entry of Mahindra in similar rallies. This SUV has the best racing seats, roll cages, and power upgrades. Super XUV 500 has a new free flow air filter and free flow air extinguisher system. There is also a new ECU with tuning box. Suspension has also been upgraded here. But official power statistics have not been disclosed.


Introducing another awesome idea that will give Killer Looks to your XUV500. It has a matte gray body wrap on the entire body which makes four moons in its lux. It is difficult to maintain the beat color but the rap is a very good option.


Introducing a XUV of Kerala which looks stingy with its Aftermarket Body Kit. This kit has a new front bumper that looks slick and aggressive. Its grill has also been updated with a new unit. The roof of this XUV is black colored which gives it a dual-tone effect.

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