Knowing this interesting fact about Japan, you will be proud of Japan

Knowing this interestin
g fact about Japan, you will be proud of Japan

Japan is considered to be the hardest country in the world. This country is made up of about 6800 islands. The name of this country remains at the forefront of something new. The people here are so diligent, it can be traced that powerful countries such as the United States in the Second World War put emphasis but Japan was not ready to retreat. The girl here is beautiful and lives for more than a year.

Japan is a hard country but you will be surprised to know that this country is shattered due to natural calamity. Every year, more than 1500 earthquakes occur in Japan i.e. about 4 earthquakes occur every day in this country.

You must be surprised to know that the people of Japan are so sensible and clean that the people here keep a special bag with the dog while collecting the dog, in which he can collect the dog excretion.

You will be surprised to know that no importance is given to Muslims in Japan. The big thing is that Muslims do not get a house for rent in Japan.

You will be surprised to know that children are not given any kind of examination until the age of 10 in Japan. Even so, no employee is employed in the schools of this country, as the school and the teacher do their schooling and care.

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