Kawasaki shows off its electric and hybrid motorcycle, the design is like a super bike!

Kawasaki shows off its electric and cold-blooded motorcycle, the design is like a super bike! 

Kawasaki suddenly surprised all the suckers by showing off two of his electric motorcycles at the Suzuka circuit in Japan. Kawasaki’s electric bike was awaited for the once several times. The company had reportedly showcased its mongrel- electric design at EICMA 2019. Now, nearly three times latterly, the company has made it clear that the launch of Kawasaki’s electric motorcycle isn’t far out by contending two of its electric bikes on a racing track in Japan. 

RideApart’s according, Kawasaki contended two electric motorcycles in the ‘ Suzuka 8 Hours endurance race ’ at the Suzuka Circuit in Japan. During this, people not only got to see the design of both these electric bikes, but also got to hear their exhaust sound, which was relatively loud in terms of an electric motorcycle. 


The report says that one of these prototypes is each- electric and the other is a mongrel EV( HEV) design. While the design of the each- electric model was analogous to that of the company’s Z range bikes, the design of the mongrel model was kindly analogous to that of the Ninja series. There was also a difference in the size of both then, with the size of the each- electric appearing lower than the HEV model. 

While Kawasaki didn’t partake any details about the names of the two systems or their specifications, the report says that lately revealed VIN decoder information shows that the entry- position, each- electric model produces a maximum power of14.8 power. will induce. 

This is a full size electric motorcycle, but let us tell you that in June this time, the two- wheeler manufacturer launched an electric bike named Elektrode. launched Thi, which is a type of balance bike, especially designed for children. Thise-bike is especially designed keeping in mind the children of 3 to 8 times. The company claims that it can last for further than 150 twinkles on a single charge. The price of Kawasaki Elektrode has been kept at$,099( about Rs,000). 

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