Get education. Increase in enrollment Compared to the fifth survey of 1986 (1997), the quality of the sixth survey: 1 to five has seen a rise in enrollment of 12.84% children. Standard: From 6th to 7th, the enrollment of youngsters has increased by 34.42%.

While enrollment of youngsters in standard 9 to 12 has increased by 61.17%. Increase in the number of schools . The number of primary schools up to plain seven has increased by 14.96%. The number of secondary schools has increased by 11.11%.

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જુન 2021થી બદલાતા પુસ્તકોનું લિસ્ટ અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

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The number of upper secondary schools has increased by 7.75%. Educational Institutions for youngsters with Disabilities There are 53 schools for youngsters with disabilities in Gujarat, out of which 14 are located in rural areas and 39 in urban areas. . 0 Episodes … Devji Rathod A student in my class comes late a day . Come and sit quietly in the last row.

Today he has to be taught a lesson. That’s where he entered the class. I was getting to sit within the place I had selected a day , that’s where I said: A … e … come here! It came close to me. Nat Mastak stood politely as he couldn’t check out me due to the craze in my eyes.

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