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 JioSecurity Malware Overlook, Antivirus, App Lock 

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મહત્વપૂર્ણ લિંક

કોરોના નવા વેરીયન્ટ ઓમિક્રોન વિશે જાણવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

શાળામાં જતા બાળકોએ એમીક્રોનથી બચવા શુ ધ્યાન રાખવું તેમજ શિક્ષકો અને વાલીઓએ શુ ધ્યાન રાખવું અહીંથી વાંચો

મહત્વપૂર્ણ લિંક

ઓમિક્રોન વાયરસના બાળકોમાં કેવા લક્ષણો હોય છે અહીંથી વાંચો અને જાણો તા.8/12/2021..


મહત્વપૂર્ણ લિંક

સરકારી કર્મચારીઓ માટે  પગાર અને કામનાં કલાકો અંગેના આ નિયમો બદલાશે

NPS/CPF કર્મચારીઓને નિવ્રુતી/અવસાન સમયે જમા રુપીયા ચુકવવા બાબત આજનો લેટેસ્ટ પરિપત્ર તા.01/12/2021……PAGE 1  PAGE 2

Our phone contains critical data like phone figures, emails, details like checking account number, watchwords, OTPs, particular dispatches, media lines etc. It deserves the protection of a veritably world class mobile security software. 

JioSecurity helps keep particular information private, faraway from the prying eyes of hackers & other malwares. 

 Download the newest interpretation of JioSecurity antivirus and malware result for Android bias. 




 App Advisor 

 Giving gratuitous app warrants is parlous. These warrants allow the app inventor to pierce our particular train which ends up in fraud & other sequestration pitfalls. 

 App Advisor Keeps all of your particular lines like filmland, music, vids, checking account details safe by easily grading the apps as sequestration threat, high data/ battery consuming & safe apps. 

App Advisor for Google Play 

 While App Advisor helps you identify parlous apps from the apps that formerly live in your phone, App Advisor for Google play helps you identify the peril indeed before you download the app. 

 At a stage where you are close to click on the install button, it will overlook the app for sequestration threat and show you the result base which you will plan to download the app. 

 Malware Overlook 

Malware checkup protects your phone from any vicious lines. 

 Its runs within the background & informs you about train or apps which will beget a possible detriment to your device & particular information. you will run a homemade checkup as and when needed to determine the pitfalls. 

 Web Protection – 

 Web Protection point helps you remain safe during 

your browsing sessions. It notifies you the moment you encounter an internet point that contains similar vicious canons. 


 Detect – Ever trace your mobile on a chart and find its position. 

 Cinch – Ever lock your device, the pincher will not be ready to pierce your phone without your passcode. 

 Laugh – Makes an alarm explode loudly enough in order that you are ready to trace it just in case someone is hiding the phone in his/ her bag. 

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