The notes are taken.  His notes on school progress, opinions etc. are recorded in the visit book.  Which is outlined in the appendix on the back.  Items lost through Hanuman character activity at school are put in the character and returned to the original owner.

The Sarvodaya Patra consists of voluntary savings from out-of-pocket expenses by the students and is used for books or educational materials for the poor and needy students. 

Backward class children are given school aid, scholarships and uniforms.  Is.  Human Relations Interest and Love in Students: Mr. Gurjar’s human relations have been good at school and outside of school.  They have explored exemplary activity and topics of interest to instill in students a general interest and love for them. 

Children are given complete freedom from co-curricular activities in the school, subject related activities.  It is realized.  They have provided students with in-class, out-of-class environmental experiences.  The interest of the students has been maintained by involving the students in labor, service work, seasonal work, relief work, tree planting work, visit  institutions as well as walks. 

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The use of many activity-techniques has not allowed the burden of subject learning to be borne.  The children have exhibitions.  Using audio-visual equipment has made the subject interesting.  Created useful samples  education and presented sample works.  The school has honored the students who have won by making children competitors in many competitions.  Know the problems of the students in the school.

Its solutions have been brought about by parents and through school effort.  Functional research has been done.  Project work is undertaken.  So the school atmosphere has been fascinating.  The atmosphere of discipline is maintained in the school. 

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