Introduced a very cheap mouse Xiaomi

 Introduced a very cheap mouse Xiaomi

Xiaomi moment introduced a new wireless mouse in its home request, which is offered in China for just$ 6. As the name indicate, the device is the successor to the Xiaomi Wireless Mouse Lite. 

The Xiaomi Wireless Mouse Lite 2 has been simple design and weighs only 45 grams without the battery. confines are 108.5 x57.5 x35.6 mm. Due to the symmetrical shape, the mouse is acceptable for the both right- handers and left- handers. 


The exchange of information with a PC is carried out through a small transmitter with a USB interface, which operates at a frequence of2.4 GHz. The storehouse space is on the bottom of the mouse. 

The device uses an optic detector with a resolution of 1000 dpi, the mouse is powered by a single AA battery and has two buttons and a scroll wheel. 

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