Battle at Riddhisiddha Chowk in Savarkundla The battle of Ingoria was not fought last year because of the Corona.  This year, however, the youngsters were thumping with enthusiasm to play.  This year the Ingoria battle was fought at Riddhisiddhi Chowk near Devla Gate in Savarkundla city.  In this Ingoria battle, people from the youngest to the oldest had fun throwing open Ingoria at each other.  No one has ever been injured during this war. 

 People love each other and emotionally enjoy the game of throwing Ingoria.  Apart from the people of Savarkundla taluka, people from Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot, Vadodara and other areas came to their hometowns to witness the battle of Ingoria.  People from rural areas also flocked to the city of Savarkundla at midnight to watch the spectacle and the game.  These Ingoria are burned and thrown on top of each other, creating scenes like battle and creating an atmosphere of light.  The game has become a center of attraction throughout the district.

In the country and the state, people celebrate Diwali on the night of Diwali with fireworks and lanterns.  However, Diwali has been celebrated in a unique way in Saurashtra’s Amreli district for 70 years.  For the last 70 years, youths in Savarkundla of the district have been fighting Ingoria on the night of Diwali.  Savarkund has a naval river for years.  Here on the banks of the river water used to flow years ago and on both sides youngsters are seen throwing burning incense in front of each other and celebrating in a unique way.  

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સાવરકુંડલા ઈંગોરીયા યુદ્ધ વિડીયો અને માહિતી

This tradition is still alive today.  On the night of Diwali, the youths celebrated Diwali by throwing burning Ingoria on each other on the banks of the river.  The war was called off last year due to the Corona era.  More than 70 years old tradition The river Nawali is located between the two villages of Savar and Kundla in Amreli district.  Years ago here the youth of both the villages started a unique celebration by throwing Ingoria on each other on the night of Diwali, a tradition that has been going on for more than 70 years today.  Youngsters are waiting for Diwali night to play Ingoria war.  Ingoria craftsmen start making Ingoria a month in advance.  

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